How to Use Ciglue

Shake you Cigar glue before use
1. Shake
to evenly distribute the natural organic compounds of the glue.
How to apply your Cigar glue with a twist dispenser
2. Twist

the pen-like dispenser to effortlessly dispense the desired amount of glue.

3. Apply

the glue directly to the damaged area of your cigar for a perfect repair.

Ciglue in 30 seconds

Frequent questions

Can the glue dry out?

Unlike traditional cigar glues that come in a bottle, the glue inside Ciglue does not come in contact with air.

The cap protects the bristles of the brush from drying. Furthermore, the glue is water based, so even in the unlikely event of it drying on the brush, a few drops of water will dissolve the glue and your Ciglue will be as good as new.

How do I dispense the glue?

Make sure to twist the back side of your Ciglue clockwise. It should make a few clicks until glue comes out.

What's the little glass ball inside for?

Ciglue is made out of 100% natural ingredients, which include cellulose. The same organic structure in your cigar leaves. Those organic compounds might bond and create sediments over time. The glass ball allows you to more effectively mix your glue.

Give Ciglue a good shake before you use it for best results.

Does Ciglue drip?

No. The dispenser is extremely durable, and there’s an extra cap to protect the brush and prevent any drips or mess.


How is Ciglue better than existing cigar glues?

There are 3 main advantages to Ciglue:

  1. Convenience. Combing the brush and glue into one dispenser makes it portable and easy to apply.
  2. Precision. The Ciglue brush fits much more precisely underneath or over the wrapper.
  3. Control. You can use the exact amount of glue, so it dries faster.

How big is the dispenser?

It’s about the size of a pen, so it can fit in your pocket easily. For comparison, it’s slightly shorter and a little thicker than a typical cigar repair tool.


Would Ciglue affect the taste of my cigar?

Absolutely not. Ciglue is made from similar ingredients to those used when rolling cigars, and does not affect the flavor or aroma of your cigar.


Is Ciglue Vegan-friendly?

The glue in Ciglue is composed entirely of plant-based, non-animal
ingredients: Gum arabic, Xanathan, Rice syrup, and distilled water. The ingredients however are not explicitly certified as vegan, and might contain some trace elements.

How many cigars can I fix with Ciglue?

About 80 or even more. Because Ciglue is so precise, you need less glue, so it should last longer. Because the container is airtight, the glue should also last for a much longer time than traditional cigar glues.


How should I store my Ciglue?

Ciglue is made from natural and food-safe ingredients. The dispenser is airtight, but the bristles are exposed to air and potentially other sources of bacteria or fungi. For maximum safety, you should always wash the bristles after use, dry it, put the cap on, and store in a cool, dry place. You can also keep it in your fridge. Shake it vigorously before use to avoid sedimentation.

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